A new blog for the next stage in life

If you know me, you might know that I’ve been blogging for many years on a few sites. I had been thinking about ceasing activity on both my personal blog (which I’ve maintained for a decade, and contains some of my most embarrassing teenage thoughts, though it also shows a slow and gradual maturity towards adulthood, I hope) and my nature blog (which I had initially started to log the field trips and activities I was involved in pre-university, but also has some of my contemplations on conservation and the environment, and hike/climb/travel logs) for a while. And while I was hiking in Chile at the end of 2016, I decided this would be one of my to-dos for 2017. So after a month of being back home in Singapore, coming into the fourth month of 2017, I’ve finally summoned enough energy to execute this move. I had initially wanted to get my own hosted domain, but decided I’m still not willing to put in that money – and what I’m currently doing hardly justifies that spending. So here I am, back on wordpress.com.

This to me is a fairly significant, if egoistic event. Maintaining two blogs – one personal, one more interest-based – appeared to demonstrate a dichotomy within myself, as if I had failed to harmonise my interests with my being. It had seemed necessary 5/6 years ago, but rather superfluous now. In addition to having started my first job and so entering ‘adulthood’, my increased clarity in my career aspirations encourage me to start a personal academic-oriented website.

There are many thoughts I’ve had that I’ve been wanting to pen down/type out, ranging from my experiences travelling through several capital cities (Santiago, New York City, London, and Singapore) in a month, job-hunting on the move/in other countries, the growing field of conservation social science, and my despairing/the need for systemic change. Maybe I’ll eventually find the time to write about those, but more likely not (my sites are littered with unfinished drafts). In any case, just to say me, my ego and my thoughts are back online, and I’ll be writing again soon, about more important things than myself.

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