This site is not maintained as of 23 September 2020. The hosting domain was a birthday gift from my brother in 2019, however I am finding this too much work (I really don’t need customisation or all the freedoms that a wordpress.org site affords, nor am I too concerned about monetising the site), as much as I support open-source and all that. Check jocelynesze.wordpress.com¬†instead.

My academic background is in biodiversity conservation, and I’ve always been trying to move towards ‘effective conservation’, incorporating interdisciplinary, multi-level approaches etc. I have a particular fondness for messing about on R and GIS, and enjoy statistical ecological modelling. However, these purely quantitative methods have their limitations, particularly in recognising the realities imposed by political institutions and power imbalances. I am presently interested in understanding how these quantitative, GIS analysis and statistical skills can be used to better our present state, tackling climate breakdown and massive socio-economic inequality.

I am motivated to work on decision-making for better policies, and I enjoy reading widely and incorporating ideas and thoughts from ecological economics, political ecology, environmental justice and the pluriverse. I am also interested in understanding the histories that are never taught, the voices that are never heard, and the injustices that are never addressed.

I am rooting for a world where economic growth does not hold a central and dominant force in shaping our realities, where we acknowledge our history and privilege and seek not to abuse power or exacerbate injustices, where different ways of perceiving, valuing, understanding and living are respected, where we live sufficiently and in harmony with the living planet, without the false dichotomy between human and non-human nature. All that said, the majesty of mountains and sublimity of the sea never fails to captivate me.

I can be contacted on Twitter @jocelynesze or email jocelyne[dot]sze[at]gmail[dot]com